Lenka Kniha Bartůňková – curriculum vitae

Lenka Kniha Bartůňková - PROFIL

1981 26. April in Prague, Czech Republic


1999 dance conservatory Duncan Centre – graduated
2001 dance conservatory Duncan Centre – absolutorium
2005 Folkwang Hochschule – absolutorium – dance profession (Essen, Germany)                        2018 certification SEFTE ( senior friendly teacher)                                                                                  2019 certification Pilates

2005  1st prize of choreographic competition of Jarmila Jeřábková with the solo „Libera me“

2006  nomination for the choreographic prize Cena SAZKY for the “discovery in dance” with the choreography “Out into the world” obtaining a scholarship in New York, where she was claborating with organizations Dance theater and Movement research.

2008  1st prize of the choreographic competition Cena SAZKY  for the “discovery in dance” with the  choreography “Library”

2008  residence in Barcelona in art studio Area tangent. During her stay she made a choreography “El puente” (sitespecific) for the festival La temporada alta in Girona

2010  was representing Czech Republic at the world exhibition Expo 2010 in Shanghai with sitespecific dance solo “Lagrima”

2010 residence in Marseille by Lieuxpublics. She was performing a sitespecific dance solo “Lagrima” at Saint Charles stairs.

BcA. Lenka Kniha Bartůňková Dipl.um. is an independent dancer, choreographer and theacher of contemporary dance, physical theater and  Pilates technic.                                                          She graduated dance conservatory Duncan Center in Prague. Lenka was under leadership of the founder and director Eva Blažíčková and under several czech and international dance teachers. After that she was studiing at the german High school Folkwang Hochschule in Essen at dance department. During her stay she was studiing under leadership of teachers and dancers from Pina Bausch company.Several years was colaborating with the german  company Renegade theater ( Pottporus), which deals with the interconnection of contemporary dance, theater and street dance. For two years she was living in Spain, where she was working as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. In 2005 got a first prize at the choreographic competition of Jarmila Jeřábkova with the solo “Libera me”. In 2006 got a scholarship New York. In 2008 got a scholarship to Barcelona. Two times was nominated for a main prize of choreographic competition Cena Sazky, which she got in 2008 for the duet “Library”. In 2010 was representing Czech Republic with her solo “Lágrima”at the world exhibition Expo in Shanghai.

As an interprator worked with: Lorca Renoux, Renegade theater – Pottporuss, france circus company 100 Issues, Samir Akika, company LaFura dels Baus, Norbert Steinwartz, Ioana Mona Popovici, Chikako Kaido, Marcus Michalowsky, Maya Lipsker, Ben Riepe, Eva van de Rakt, Chiara Girolomini , Roberto Olivan, with theater of brothers Forman, Magdalena Švecová, Petra Hauerová, Michal Záhora,  Mirka Eliášová, Jan Komárek, Andrea Miltnerová, Petr Tyc, dance company Verte, dance company Nanohach.

Dance movies : “Eymen-point of view” / “Face o face- Four letters”/ “My name is Luisa”/ “The stories of milkmans wife”/ “Cold bufet- Inner dance”.

Sitespecific performances : “Fimfárum”/“Eymen – point of view”/”Lágrima”                        (More information about her creation you can find at the page : creation)

Movement cooperation in theater plays: theater ABC(Prague) Macbeth, theater Minor (Prague)Kocourkov, theater Drak (Hradec Králové) Tik tak, tik tak

She worked in Czech republic, Slovak republic, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Luxemburg, New York, Kazachstan, Jordan, China (Macao, Šanghaj) Africa (Zimbabwe, Ghana) 

Her aim is to continue with the international exchange and dissemination of experience in the dance feeld and contemporary performing art. For this reason she founded an association for culture FARO moving space z.s.