Lenka Kniha Bartůňková - Pedagogická činnost


As a lecturer she worked at a conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague, at  hight school Hamu ( nonverbal theater), at British school – classes of contemporary dance for children (Prague), at space for new circus Cirqueon (Prague), at culture place Zahrada in Chodov (Prague), at Artual.

Lessons are for the general public. Lenka Kniha B. realizes and develops her etaching activities both with professionals and with the lay society, from the majority to the senior generation. The technics she teaches are based on his own experience and the knowledge she has accumulated during her life.She teaches contemporary dance, physical theater, contact improvisation, ballet, Pilates technic, which she uses in other technigues.

Lenka Kniha B. teaches in czech language, english and spanisch.

Characteristic of the technigues she teaches:

1. Contemporary dance technigue:

Dance class is based on principles of technigues as: Release technik, Limon technik, Floor work conecting the moves from break dance and capoiera.The philosophy  of the technigue 

A contemporary dance lesson is a mixture of technigues that influenced Lenka Kniha B. a s a dancer. In its very foundation, technic is based on the natural movement of a man. 1st stage: Embrional pozition: (the body opening as the flover, lying positions. 2st stage: Toddler position : on four extremities. 3st stage: Upright stance. Deals with the relationship of body in space in vertical and horizontal plane and how get down and up (physical human evolution). It focuses on inner and outer space, how to use gravitation in action.

2. Improvization/ Body – mind – team-building / contact improvization

This technic is not based on different step variations but on playfull exercises, that can do everybody. The basic work is with the  center of the body and it wait how to use it in the space alone or in contact with the partner or with the group.It focuses on awakening and using reflex and instinct and conveying trust. Respect, listening to oneselfe and others in the group is the main point of the technigue. This technigue is suitable for everyone  who is open to communicating physically with their inner world and connecting them to others.


3. Dance class of contemporary dance for children: Technigue / Improvization

Taneční lekce jsou koncipovány formou kreativních her, kde se rozhodují o zdravém pohybu každého dítěte.Rozvíjím osobní pohybové vyjádření dítěte a procvičuji jeho pohybovou paměť, fantasy a rytmiku. Děti jsou vedeny k tomu, aby se naučili naslouchat sama sebe, aby porozuměli svému tělu a spolupracovaly v kolektivu.

Věk : (2,5 – 5 let) (6 – 9 let) (10 – 15 let)