Lenka Kniha Bartůňková - Faro

FARO moving space The association focuses mainly on dance, theater, music and visual arts. It aims to be a meeting place on such a vast sea of contemporary art. It allows artists to collaborate with the named disciplines to create various internal and site specific projects. Next course is educational programs:seminars, workshops for development and education in the arts, especially at international level.


Addres:           Eliášova 273/5, Praha 6, 16000, Česká republika

Mobile:            (+420 606416959) Lenka Kniha B.

Email:               faromovingspace@gmail.com

Skype:             faronet1



At present, an international project called “Ejmen” Point of  view is being prepared in cooperation with the organizations Tanec Praha, The embasy of Czech Republic, Institute of African Studies in Ghana and its national ensemble, FARO moving space and Hlasohled.The first steping stone was the journey of two artists Lenka Kniha B.  and Ridina Ahmedová to the capital city of Akkra in Ghana, where they began collecting material for the theme of performance,which is the death. During their stay they made a concert, sitespecific performance Lágrima and workshops. The next phase of the project will continue in the second half of May in Prague, when a half-hour site will be officialy released in 14 days, with the Prague premiere at Prague’s Quadrienale 7-8.6 2019 at Tiskárna na vzduchu. Then it will visit regions as an accompanying program of a dance festival Tanec Praha.