FARO moving space

Lenka Kniha Bartůňková - Faro

FARO moving space 

FARO moving space  is a specific platform of departure and arrival to meet and to collaborate in an artistic field, focused in performing art. It aims to be a meeting point in such a vast sea of contemporary art. Our fellowship focuses mainly in dance and physical theater, music, fine art and visual art. Our aim is to cooperate with artists, companies and associations from the widest possible variety of branches on individual projects above all at an international level. We organize events and also educational programs as workshops. It is a platform to meet and to build up connections, an initiator of eventual future cooperation and further development for artists.


Addres:           Eliášova 273/5, Praha 6, 16000, Česká republika

Email:               faromovingspace@gmail.com

Skype:             faronet1