Requiem: Letter

Requiem is alive form of theater unit, where the audience is actively involved and becomes part of it. It can be performed in theaters and as a site specific performnace. Part of it is a exhibition of the letters.

You have opportunity to look into the cellar environment of a long corridor, engraved with messages and ideas of prisoners.

The first pieces of the choreography were created after Lenka Kniha B. arrived in her native country,where it was presented as a work in progress in 2009 in Duncan Centre. The theme of this project was in the head of the choreographer for several years as it is a family matter. The source of inspiration is a goodbyletter from a family  member of a choreographer L. Kniha B. who was one of the co-workers of the anti-fascist group of Czech officers Mašín, Balbán and Morávek in the 2nd World war and who was executed the 11.5 1943 at the Plotzense execution site in Berlin. Based on the material that was later devoted to the choreographer by Jiří Jiráček (the book “War generation) the choreography was divorced end re-introduced in thetaer Duncan Centre and then as a experimental sitespecific performance was made for a artistic space Nod in Prague

“The last moments of life,the last thoughts and memories of a man giving his life for the faith he lived for.Letter to last farewell. Amessage to everyone he loved and who was part of his life. The last words that could no

Choreography:  Lenka Kniha B
Interpretation:  V. Konvalinka
 J. Březina
 P. Opavský
 Pedro Domingo Prazeres
 L.Kniha B.
 N. Šilarová
 L. Nouwkens
 J. Matoušková
Music:  Michal Konvalinka
Light design:  Radek Pytelka



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